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SEO Strategy Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a critical function helping searchers find what they intended to find. Hopefully this is your product or service!

There are many providers in the marketplace some are high quality, and some are not; most are a bit confusing and may leave you wondering what you needed or what you just signed up for.

Let the Blofiche team be your trusted advisors to help you understand what you truly need and how to have meaningful conversations and make better decisions.

Startup Governance

Many organizations may struggle with what business structure they may need, usually LLC or Corp and why one over the other.

This is an extremely important decision that the Founder usually decides on their own and without inside counsel guiding the decision, there may not be an opportunity for an informed decision.

The options are to hire a Law Firm, potentially make a mistake, or hire the Blofiche team to coach you through the process. No need to overspend for the prep work!

Technology Acquisition

Acquiring the right technology at the best possible price, through the best channel can be very challenging unless you have been doing it for a long time.

Having a good understanding of the different levers you can pull and when to pull them to win, will not only help your company but also your career as a decision make. The ability to sift through what’s real and what is good marketing is priceless.

The Blofiche team has more than 2 decades and can help you with critical insight.

Website Analytics

Website Analytics is essential to an organization understanding the effectiveness of the website and what to do if it is not generating the traffic and revenue as expected.

Many organizations may not understand that building the site and having good SEO, backlinking, and Advertising is an ongoing process that requires monitoring, changes and adaptation.

With Google Analytics, the Blofiche team can help you understand what is happening and how to generate more impressions and conversions.

Sales Coaching

Organizations large and small struggle with competing in the marketplace even though they have a great team in place and a fantastic solution.

The biggest challenge is execution in the Channel and then working directly with the end user on post sales and growth activities. One strategy is to hire successful and expensive talent and hope they can replicate.

Let the Blofiche team provide a clear assessment of gaps and improve your existing talent.

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